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Bree Olson and Mandingo

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August 10th, 2012

I couldnt belive how hot this Bree olson anal scene. Mandingo keeps her in a cage only letting her out when he wants to fuck her up the ass. Bree doesn’t seem to mind getting a big black cock shoved in her ass on a daily basis. Every time Mandingo is done with her he gives her face a spray with his jizz and then locks her back up again.

Lexington Steel On Blondes

May 22nd, 2012

In this nasty Bree Olson Anal scene we have Lexington Steele and his twelve inches of hard cock ramming her ass like he owns it. Bree has no choice but to take the brutal ass fucking. I never seen her cum but after Lexington was done he loaded up the inside of her mouth and Bree swallowed everything.